Biotalk Bookclub was a series created by TTV to discuss the Gen 2 BIONICLE books which they would read together and discuss.


Technical difficulties

The "Technical Difficulties" picture.

Biotalk Bookclub was a series that followed the TTV Cast discussing the (at the time) newly-released BIONICLE books chapter by chapter. Often it resulted in criticisms and critiques, and an analysis of the ongoing plot of the story. Although, like the Podcast, it can get off-topic fairly easily.

Also, as a special feature for Vessel/Patreon supporters, each episode came with a webcam version where the cast could express themselves as they talked. The Youtube versions lacks this.


Season 1: Island of Lost Masks (2015)

Season 2: Revenge of the Skull Spiders (2016)


  • This series is where the "technical difficulties" drawing came from. It was created by Varderan.
  • The Vessel/Patreon exclusive "web-cam" feature can be regarded as a special treat for people who watched the videos on Patreon or on Vessel.
  • A third season was intended, a discussion of the final BIONICLE book, Escape From the Underworld, but never came to fruition.

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