Deadmatoro is the newest non-returning member of the TTV Channel.


Matoro was originally a fan of the TTV Podcast who was known to create animations of discussions from the TTV Podcast and iBZP. She attended BrickFair 2017 and provided the cast members fan drawings. She had messaged Tenebrae Invictus in the past about interests such as Akira and following BrickFair, Invi reached out to talk more and they became friends.

Joining TTV

Leading up to TTV's early 2018 shake-up, Invi introduced Matoro to multiple cast members as well as Eljay, and after TTV's shift in direction toward focusing on being a friend group first, Matoro was invited to join the channel.

Channel Activities

Matoro has appeared on the TTV Podcast as well as the first episode of Invi's new show, "Invi's Impulsive Inspection".

Former hosts

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