"You will fight for stupidity?"
―Exxtrooper, TTV Podcast 153
Exxtrooper is one of the newest members of TTV.


Exx is a frequent visitor of Flickr, where he posts his mocs and creations. He is particularly adept at doing Minifigure adaptations and decals. He is also a big fan of Star Wars, and very knowledgeable about the franchise.


Exx joined TTV following their June 27, 2014 Casting Call, along with TakumaNuva. Initially, there was going to be an introduction video where the two of them introduced themselves. However, on July 24, 2014, TTV obtained images hinting at a possible BIONICLE 2015 return, and the two new members joined the discussion video for that. Exx formally introduced himself on TTV Podcast 109.

Exx's appearances on the show became increasingly infrequent after his first appearance, and he went on an unexplained hiatus between episode 155 and episode 169.


  • None


  • Exx is from Norway.
    • As such, he has had some difficulties with language on the podcasts, as some words that are considered bad in America are fine in Norway.
  • Exx is the only current cast member who has yet to show his face.
  • When Exx first appeared on the podcast he had a British type accent, however this has changed over time
  • The only complete book that Exxtrooper has read is Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox in the fourth grade[1].


  1. The TTV Podcast - 232

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