John_Smith, or "Jogn", is one of the mods on the TTV message boards. He was made a mod as part of a new group of moderators in 2015, along with legomaster1378 and Political_Slime.


John Smith joined the TTV Message Boards in 2014, being a frequent poster for a while. After Nyran other moderators were let go, the Admins searched for a few new members for the ModSquad. The remaining Mod Squad members recommended John Smith and Political_Slime, and thus they were hired.

John Smith and other moderators all participated in the TTV Civil War. Jogn went as the character The Winter Soldier in corrospondance to the Marvel film that would release the month afterwords.


  • John Smith is a fan of Doctor Who, Tolkien's works, and Star Trek, all of which he frequently references in conversations.
  • John Smith has given very little about his personal info, despite being a popular user who frequently enjoys communicating and having community interaction.

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