"Your audio quality is poor!"
―-Jon to Eljay, TTV Civil War

Jonathan Juan, also known as Jon and Kahi is a former member of TTV. He hosted The Brickfeed Podcast.


For a time, Jon's parents did not let Jon get into BIONICLE due to the perceived religious aspects of Mata Nui and Makuta. Presumably, this eventually changed.

Jon was a member of BZPower before joining TTV, and often did Sprite comics there, including his series LLL (Live, Learn, and Lawsuits).

Jon is known for giving lengthy discussions and descriptions of things, to the point where other cast members, particularly Eljay, would request he not talk too much during livestreams, to prevent things from getting too boring.


Jon was initially just someone TTV interviewed, but he kept appearing on the podcast afterwards, finally becoming an official member of TTV.

In January 2014, Jon and Eljay hosted a "Let's Play" for the new HF game Invasion from Below, reminscient of the "MNOG with Meso" Let's play's that Eljay and Meso held.

Around this time, Jon also began working on TTV On Air, a sprite animation project reminiscent of the popular comic format in the heyday of BZP. Like BIOCRAFT, this project has been put on a long-term hiatus.

Jon drove to New York for the 2014 New York Comic Con on October 8, 2014, where LEGO was officially revealing details about the return of LEGO BIONICLE. In New York, Jon met up with fellow TTV hosts Varderan and Mesonak, and the three of them visited NYCC and the BIONICLE VIP party. At the VIP party, the three of them were able to obtain almost enough pieces to build each of the new 2015 Master sets.

Jon joined Mesonak, Varderan, Venom, and Eljay for the livestream on November 2, 2014, celebrating TTV's achievement of 10,000 subscribers (Viper was also supposed to join, but she couldn't due to technical difficulties.) There, the five of them discussed their experiences at New York and their progress on the project BIOcraft, and Eljay and Mesonak gave away prizes for trivia questions. In early 2016, he and Eljay launched a show, Don't Fight in which they played Maze of Shadows. In 2016, he went to Brickfair Virginia with Var, Meso, Eljay, Ven, and Viper. It was around this time that he officially changed his name on the Podcast from his BZP username Kahi to his real name, Jon. Soon after, Viper changed her name to her older nickname, Phweffie. He went again in 2017 along with the entire cast except Phweffie.


On March 12, 2018, Jon was formally let go from The TTV Channel, due to conflicts with the rest of the cast and crew. On May 11, it was revealed that Jon was fired for a string of sexual harrassment and abuse aimed at both Prpldragon and Phweffie, as well as conspiring to get Eljay fired from TTV. A document detailing these incidents was published by the Lime Joint Podcast.





  • Occasionally, other cast members will make fun of Jon due to his height. (He's short).
  • Jon has discussed his own show in the near future, an on-air advice column.
  • Jon has an older sister, who travelled with him to New York Comic Con 2016.
  • Jon's parents come from Malaysia.
  • Jon also occasionally mispronounces words.
  • Jon's nearest Lego Store is also the one closest to Var.
  • Jon is the cast member who records the patron chat for Brickfeed.
  • During the TTV Civil War event for April Fools' Day 2016, Jon changed his name from Kahi to Iron Kahi on the TTV Message Boards, representing Marvel's Iron Man, and the leader of Team Iron Kahi.
  • He once joked about changing his name to "Cashmoniqua". From this, a tier on Patreon was dubbed Cashmoniqua.

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