Ninjago TL;DR is a comedy based review show that focuses upon the Ninjago Animated Series


The episodes frequently start off with a skit, showing Var reacting to something pertaining to the show (such as a copyright strike on the previous episode). Then the episode starts off with the disclaimer about what the show is, followed by a recap of the previous episode/season (with the exception of the first episode). Var then provides commentary on the episode(s) of the Ninjago TV show that he's covering, in order, and gives his thoughts of the episode(s) overall at the end.

References to other media

Throughout the reviews of the episodes, Varderan makes various pop culture references.


  • This is one of TTV's most popular shows to be introduced.
  • Unfortunately, due to copyright claims, Episodes 5 and 10 have been deleted from the channel, and all other episodes have been privated.
  • Due to continuous Content ID issues, this show has been put on hiatus, despite its adoring fanbase.

Current TTV Programming

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Past Programming

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