Ninjagocast: Masters of Podjitzu is a Podcast dedicated to talking about the Ninjago line. It was created in 2017, initially being used as a replacement for the episode coverages. It was formerly hosted by Eljay, and is currently on hiatus.


The episodes start off with an introduction by Eljay, followed by each of the other cast members (and any guest hosts) introducing themselves. For the episode coverages, Eljay gives a brief summary of what happened in the episode(s) they are covering, followed by the rest of the usual cast discussion.


  1. NINJAGO Hands of Time Episodes 65 & 66 Coverage | Ninjago Podcast #001
  2. NINJAGO Hands of Time Episodes 67 & 68 Coverage | Ninjago Podcast #002
  3. NINJAGO Hands of Time Episodes 69 & 70 Coverage | Ninjago Podcast #003
  4. NINJAGO Hands of Time Episodes 71 & 72 Coverage | Ninjago Podcast #004
  5. NINJAGO Hands of Time Episodes 73 & 74 Coverage | Ninjago Podcast #005
  6. NINJAGO Hands of Time Discussion (feat. DTinaglia Studios) | Ninjago Podcast #006 (guest star: DTinaglia Studios)
  7. The NINJAGO Timeline | Ninjago Podcast #007
  8. Ninjago at SDCC & Eating Eagles | Ninjago Podcast #008
  9. Sons of Garmadon & Ninjago Movie Trailer #2 | Ninjago Podcast #009


  • DTinaglia Studios, a popular Ninjago Youtuber, was a guest host for episode 6.
  • Mesonak's audio for episode 7 was lost, so he re-recorded the whole episode using the echo of his dialogue in Var's audio file as a guide.
  • TTV's Review of the Ninjago Movie was branded as "Ninjagocast Episode 8" despite there already being an episode 8.

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