On Ebay Today is a comedy series hosted Venom. The series normally shows poorly done ebay listings of BIONICLE sets and lots, but recently has begun to show non-BIONICLE listings (such as pictures of Cheetos in the shape of Harambe, or the Nintendo Switch)


Episodes of the series normally start off with Ven welcoming the viewers before showing the first ebay listing, Ven then begins talks and critique about the set, with hints of sarcasm. He normally brings up the listing's descriptions, and brings up or ends talking about it by saying "free shipping" before moving on to the next listing.

Venom also obtains info about ebay listings from fans of TTV and his series, via the TTVMB topic "On Ebay Today... Like Right Now!".

Episode List

Season One (2013-2014)

  • 001 - BIONICLE
  • 002 - MOAR Bionicle!
  • 003 - Biofreaks
  • 004 - Lego Bionicle Wars
  • 005 - For your Bionicle Needs
  • 006 - A Bunch of Wannabes
  • 007 - Real Superheroes
  • 008 - Bionihippies of War
  • 009 - To Heck and Back
  • 010 - El Finale

Season Two (2017-)

  • 011 - The Return
  • 012 - Gorilla Cheetos
  • 014 - How to GET Nintendo Switch and MORE
  • 015 - Revenge of the BIONICLE
  • 016 - Fidget Fidget


  • 2016 Holiday Special

Current TTV Programming

The TTV Podcast - The Brickfeed Podcast - Ven's M.O.C. Spotlight - On Ebay Today - Ninjago TLDR - TTV Talks - Ninjagocast -Art Farts

Past Programming

MNOG with Meso - MNOG2 with Meso - VNOG with Meso - Undertale Let's Play - Invictus Analysis - BIONICLE Set Previews - Recent Reviews - Don't Fight - Game Dev Tycoon - BIONICLE Autopsy - Product Showcase - Matoran Escape with Meso and Viper - Recap Reviews - Top Tens - Biotalk Bookclub

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