"I'm a recovering cannibal."
―Takuma, TTV Podcast 119

Takuma Nuva is one of the newest members of TTV.


Takuma is a premier Blog Assistant on BZP. He used to participate in BZP's Powercast when it was active. He has an obsession with cannibals, and occasionally seems to get very annoyed with the other cast members.


Takuma was one of two members that joined following TTV's casting call on June 27, 2014. The other new member was Exxtrooper. Takuma was the first to appear, making an appearance on Episode 103, though not as an official cast member. Initially, both Takuma and Exx would have formally introduced themselves on Episode 108, but then the colored BIONICLE 2015 set display came to light, and the two of them joined TTV's impromptu discussion on it. Takuma did not appear on the next podcast, but he officially introduced himself on TTV Podcast 110.

While Takuma did not participate in TTV's 10'000 subscriber special, he was present in the chat and communicated with the other cast members right before the livestream began.


  • None


  • Takuma has an exercise ball he uses as a chair.
  • Takuma frequently makes, or is the subject of, cannibal jokes.
  • The first thing that Takuma said on the TTV Podcast was ""What makes you think we're good friends?".
  • Takuma initially didn't introduce himself normally at the beginning or end of a podcast. Rather, he said things like "I'm a recovering cannibal", or "I'm just here for the food".
    • However, he hasn't made such jokes in a while.
  • Takuma likes birds.
    • His "birds with arms" joke led to the "technical difficulties" picture for Brickfeed being a picture of a bird with arms.
    • That said, he is the only current host who hasn't appeared on The Brickfeed Podcast.
  • Takuma is from Minnesota.
  • Takuma enjoys planning tabletop RPGs(Role-Playing Games) and has made his own system for BIONICLE's first run.

TTV Cast

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