"Welcome to the infinite."
From the TTV Halo Machinima no one knows about
Tenebrae Invictus is a member of TTV. He currently hosts The Invictus Analysis.

Sometime in 2008, Invi crossed paths with Venom, discussing Linkin Park on BZPower. In early 2009, he joined a fad involving changing usernames to be Vahki-based and eventually became the leader of the fad. Followers of the Vahki fad included Mesonak and Kini. After the fad, a friend showed Invi to BZPC, Venom's private chatgroup, and there he was coldly greeted by Eljay, a chat moderator.

Over time, the chat grew in size and Invi rose to the rank of moderator and then admin, eventually being second to Venom. His friendships with the cast, and arguably his chat prominence, allowed Invi to join for an episode of iBZP as well as a shortlived TTV Halo Machinima. Everyone switched over from BZPC to using Skype, and while Invi was not a member of TTV, he was in their chat groups and was present for early on drama.

Eventually some time in 2011 or 2012, he and Ven were inducted first as 'honorary' cast members and later on fully integrated. Invi recorded and edited a handful of early TTV episodes.

In recent years, Invi's biggest claim to fame in the channel is his series The Invictus Analysis, which started in May 2013. While it is labeled as "sarcastic," the Analysis was inspired by Fitzthistlewits' YouTube channel, and is styled as a comedically inaccurate presentation of facts and opinions about online BIONICLE games.



  • From October 2014 through October 2016, he took a hiatus from the channel to serve as an LDS missionary.
  • Although he's a senior member to Phweffie, Exxtrooper, Takuma Nuva and Prpl, he's followed them in the name order since his return.

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