The Invictus Analysis is a web series published by TTV. Hosted by Tenebrae Invictus, it centers around Invi reviewing games centered around the BIONICLE franchise, official or fanmade.


The Invictus Analysis is an alternative history series in which Invi educates viewers of how the online BIONICLE games came into being as well as a review of the game. Throughout the course of the series, the audience learns pieces of Invi’s childhood and his personal experiences interacting with BIONICLE and trying to balance his Youtube career and reality. Presented in a somewhat monotone and matter of fact way, the series tackles the real issues that plagued BIONICLE throughout the years.



  • In this series, we find out Invi had a third biological grandmother who was a prisoner during WWII.
  • The longest gap between episodes was Piraka Attack (Oct 2014) and Voya Nui Adventure (Oct 2016). Multiple theories exist to explain the gap. In TTV Episode 100 Invi said he would be on hiatus to be a missionary for two years. The second theory is that Invi decided to end his series after his dispute with Phweff at the end of his Piraka Attack video. However, Invi has attempted to dispel such rumors with a vague analogy, saying he had merely decided to hang up his coat for a little bit.

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