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~Featured Article~

The New Eljay
This month's featured article is Eljay. Horray for that.

This article is a great example of how to make a page on this wiki. It has plenty of pictures, perfect grammar, and overall is one of the more informed pages. (Which is strange, because Eljay wants to hide his identity while he know so much about him).

This page was even one of the first ones created on the wiki, which just goes to show everyone that we still find Eljay to be important. (Or that we're always ready to figure out who he is in a creepy way. Seriously, everyone wants to see his face. It's not that important!)

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~Featured Image~

Eljay's reveal
This month's featured image is a poster that appeared very recently on the TTV Message Boards: The Legend Ends. It was created by Varderan for the occasion of Eljay removing the cardboard Miru off his face and finally showing his true form.

Unfortunatly, in true TTV fashion, copyright issues on Eljay's face and other antics ensued, leading to a new and improved Eljay and the announcement of the TTV shirts. As such, many fans were heart-broken and now the community is threatening TTV for lawsuits. (Better call Kahi on this one.)

Anyways, it was featured because of how well Varderan created the poster. It's a spoof of the Dark Knight Rises poster, but in it's own historical way, it'll be remembered as the poster that reformed Eljay forever.

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~Featured Quote~

"Your face is a skull!" This featured quote will forever remain in the hearts of TTV fans when it was first spoken in the highly-controversial MNOG with Mesonak.

Here's what happened: Mesonak goes on his regular rants on the lameness of Mirus, and says that the "Miru is a dumb mask." This infuriated Eljay and he told Meso "Your face is a SKULL!" This referred to the fact that Meso's self-MOC features the use of a Piraka skull for the head.

Of course, it became a classic like and now all the TTV fans adore it. Whether you like it or not, this is featured quote this month.

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~Featured User~

This month's featured user is Willess 12. Ever since he came on the wiki, he did all he could to make good articles and expand them. He created the Eljay page, the Kahi page, and even the Viper page. And when he didn't create a page, he helped expand on the information.

He was promoted to Rollback by our founder/admin, BIONICLEToa, because he grew to trust him to take care of the wiki in case vandals came along and tried to ruin everything. Overall, he should be respected for his hard work and service to the wiki.

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~Featured Trivia~

Everything is about Eljay this month, isn't it? Well, here's the featured trivia, found on the Eljay page:

  • There is a recurring joke by the rest of the TTV cast members that he is the most hated of them all. Of course, not everyone hates him, and often this jokes is just used to tease him.
    • The first topic on the TTV Message Boards was a joke topic about this, titled 'The Official "I Hate Eljay" Topic'.

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