Rules and Guidelines

We don't have too many rules, but we still need to establish them and make sure people read them. As such, here are the site guidelines.

  • While you do have freedom of speech, please tolerate other religions, races, sexes/genders, ideals, and many other things that make us who we are. And there will be absolultely NO hate speech.
  • Do not discuss religion or politics in the chat or in articles. We don't need debates or fights.
  • There will be no trolling or flaming on any account. Also, double accounts/sock-puppet accounts are prohibited. This also accounts in the chat here. If you are discovered to have a dupe/sock-puppet account, that account will be suspended as well as the original. However, apologies can be taken and considered.
  • There will be no pornography, cursing, or any discussion about drugs, alchohol, or guns on this wiki. Posting any images of these things (besides Lego creations featuring guns) will be removed from the wiki.
  • We will respect every user, even if we don't agree with him. Insulting others is not acceptable behavior.
  • Vandalism of articles will result in a warning, and if it continues, it will lead to a suspension.
  • Respect the staff! They've been working hard on this wiki to make it as big and expansive as it is!
  • Follow the golden rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated. It can't get more simpler than that.
  • DO NOT post already-written texts from other wikis. That is plagerism and is not appreciated here on the TTV Wiki, specially since it is against the Wikia Community Guidelines. Make your own stuff, and don't commit plagerism. It's a serious crime.
  • DO NOT post confidential information on this wiki, OR post fake leaks. Posting fake leaks will be dealt with by a warning, and if done more than once, it will result in a suspension. This includes real leaks as well.
  • DO NOT post random images on here. This isn't an image-hosting site.
  • Your face isn't a skull. Only Mesonak's is.
  • Solek, Tanma, or any other of those stupid memes is OUTLAWED here, too. There is a wiki for that.

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