"Mardi Gras!"
Varderan is a founding member of TTV. He currently hosts Ninjago: TLDR, and Bionicle Autopsy.


Varderan was one of the founding members of the podcast known as 'iBZP', along with Sideswipe and Starparu. The group would eventually become known as 'The Three Virtues' and then simply 'The TTV Podcast'. On iBZP episode 3, Mesonak joined the group.


When iBZP became TTV, Varderan gave command of the podcast to Mesonak. Other hosts came and went, and soon Mesonak and Varderan were joined by Heir of the Chronicler, Tenebrae Invictus, Kahi, Venom and Eljay. Later on in the life of the podcast, TTV put out a casting call seeking new members, and Viper joined.

With many members leaving, including Tenebrae Invictus, and even Eljay going on a temporary hiatus due to work, TTV was forced to have a casting call seeking new members. Eventually, they selected TakumaNuva and Exxtrooper.

On October 6, Varderan joined with Mesonak, Venom and Kahi for a pre-Comic Con livestream, where Mesonak, Kahi, and Varderan discussed there plans to go to New York Comic Con 2014. Viper tried to join, but she was unable to do so due to technical problems.

Varderan, Kahi, and Mesonak at NYCC

From left to right: Varderan, Kahi, and Mesonak at LEGO's NYCC BIONICLE booth

Varderan took a plane to New York on October 8, 2014 in order to travel to New York Comic Con, where LEGO would announce their plans for the upcoming return of BIONICLE. There, he met with fellow TTV cast members Kahi and Mesonak, and the three of them visited New York Comic Con and then the BIONICLE VIP party. There, they were able to obtain almost enough parts to build the new Toa sets, and Varderan gave previews of the six new sets.

On November 2, 2014, Varderan joined with fellow hosts Eljay, Kahi, Mesonak, and Venom for the livestream celebrating TTV's achievement of obtaining 10,000 subscribers. Viper was supposed to join as well, but once again, technical difficulties prevented the other hosts from bringing her into the call. During the livestream, the five present hosts discussed the events at New York and their progress on their project, BIOcraft, while Mesonak and Eljay gave away prizes.


Common Sayings

  • "Mardi Gras!"


  • Varderan is one of the founders of TTV.
  • Until July of 2015, Varderan did not know cockroaches had wings.
  • The only episode of the TTV Podcast that Var has hosted is Episode 198.
  • While Meso actually hosts the TTV Podcast, Var usually does the countdown.

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