"We take apart what you build."

Ven's MOC Spotlight is a show where Venom goes over MOCs made by other people and comprehensively reviews them. Sometimes these are MOCs he finds on the TTV message Boards, while other times they are from other place, such as LEGO contest entries. They are usually about 10 minutes long, and are hosted by Venom.


The episodes have featured two intros. The original one showed Venom building a red MOC, posing it holding a piece of paper with the show's title, and taking a picture of it. This intro was given a few minor modifications as of episode 11. Ven introduces himself and goes over his point system: the appearance of the MOC, the overall build, and the concept the MOC was based on. Each category amounts to 10 point, for a total score of up to 30. Ven then goes over the MOC (or MOCs, in some cases). Sometimes, he give points during the review, while other times, he waits until the end of the review to give points. Following the "Ven Sucks" controversy in 2017, Ven dropped the point system entirely.

Episode list

  1. "Starscream" by Varderan
  2. "Toa Mahri Hahli Revamp" by BricksofAwesome
  3. "Droyds" by deaddude (part 1/2)
  4. "Droyds" by deaddude (part 2/2)
  5. "Akutahn" by RoaMcToa
  6. "The Balanced Warlord, Sovereign" by Shadowgear6335
  7. "Ekorak, Predorai Knight" by Ekorak
  8. "Baruka, Native Son" by Chro
  9. "The Nagrath" by Harvey Cu
  10. "DrScorpionX" by DrScorpionX"
  11. "Stampy the Dinosaur" by Likus
  12. "Hydro" by syoya
  13. "Life-sized Compsognathus" by Artahka
  14. "Tyrannosaurus Rex" by darkenski
  15. "G2 Creep" by Creep

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