Phweffie, formerly known as Viper, is currently a member of TTV. She currently does not have any shows on the channel.


Like most other members of the TTV cast members, not much is known about Phweffie's personal life. All we know is that she is female, and that she has a huge fascination for the Piraka Zaktan.

Phweffie's fascination with Zaktan is her most notable trait, with his character getting her into the canon BIONICLE story. She loves his "out-of-it" nature and overall loves him and his gang.

Phweffie happens to select certain opinions with the other cast members, sometime contradicting her own. She also likes telling darker stories with neutral characters. Her British accent is also enjoyed by fans of TTV.


Phweffie found TTV due to her liking of BIONICLE, and was a longtime fan of TTV. When TTV put out a casting call on November 17, 2013, seeking new female members, Viper joined the podcast, first appearing and introducing herself on TTV Podcast 084. Due to her nostalgia for BIONICLE's history, she was slated to host the cancelled History of BIONICLE.

She mostly appears in podcasts and the BIONICLE movie anniversaries, and planned on being in both the Pre-Comic Con Livestream and the 10,000 subscriber special with Venom, Varderan, Mesonak, Jon, and Eljay. However, technical difficulties prevented her from doing so both times.

She also joined in on the TTV Talks Crap About Each Other New Year's day livestream, where she turned 18 during it.

In 2016, Phweffie travelled to America for the first time and joined the rest of the cast for their trip to Brickfair. It was around this time that Viper officially changed her name on the Podcast to her older nickname, Phweffie. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to go to Brickfair again in 2017.


  • History of BIONICLE (Cancelled)


  • Phweffie's favorite character is Zaktan.
  • Phweffie lives with her family, mentioning living with her mother and brother once.
  • Phweffie often has very morbid dreams.
  • Phweffie is allergic to peanuts.
  • Phweffie is the only cast member who did not travel to Brickfair Virginia 2017.
  • During the TTV Civil War event for April Fools' Day 2016, Phweffie changed her name on the TTV Message Boards from Viper to Black Viper, representing Marvel's Black Widow.

Former hosts

Eljay - Kini - Alena - Heir of the Chronicler

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